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Nutrition at Nomad Foods

Nutrition at Nomad Foods

Empowering positive choices

As Europe’s largest frozen food company, we’re proud to serve the world with Better Food, and are committed to helping our millions of consumers eat a little more goodness every day. Our strong commitment to nutrition is delivered through our team of expert nutritionists, enabling us to deliver on our nutrition manifesto to empower positive choices.

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We have a long history of crafting healthier products. All of our R&D colleagues are trained in nutrition, and we deliver a continual programme of healthy product innovation and nutritional optimisation, using our robust and internationally recognised Nutrient Profiling Tool. Whether enhancing the goodies delivered by our products such vegetables and fibres, or reducing nutrients of public health concern, such as saturated fat, sugar and salt, we are dedicated to creating responsible choices without compromising on taste or quality.

Here are a few things we’ve already done to empower positive choices:


We deliver nutritionally-improved family favourites. Our ambitious Salt Reduction Strategy has led to the removal of tonnes of salt from our portfolio; in 2019, we removed the equivalent of 4.5 elephants of salt from our cream spinach range alone. Meanwhile, across 2018 and 2019, we reduced sugar in seven of our best-selling Aunt Bessie’s puddings by between 16% to 22%, in line with the UK Government’s Childhood Obesity Plan sugar reduction programme. This substantial achievement was recognised by the UK Food and Drink Federation, who awarded this sugar reduction project the 2020 Diet and Health Award.


We inspire the adoption of healthier diets. We have embedded planet-friendly eating across Nomad Foods, promoting the adoption of a flexitarian diet, and develop foods which are good for the planet and good for our consumers. We are especially proud of our award-winning Green Cuisine range, first launched in early 2019, which delivers plant-powered goodness for families.


We champion nutritional labelling that is evidenced to positively impact health and are challenging other businesses to follow suit. We first adopted Nutri-score labelling in our French Findus business in 2018. Throughout 2019, we then engaged with the German government, political organisations and the media to champion Nutri-score as the nationally accepted nutritional labelling system in Germany. We faced challenges along the way, however in October 2019 the German government announced that it will take formal steps to make Nutri-score Germany’s voluntary front-of-pack labelling system. Nutri-score is now applied across several of our markets.


We are committed to bettering ourselves nutritionally year-on-year, growing our sales from healthy products across our portfolio. In 2020, 90% of our total Nomad Foods net sales came from healthier meal choices, and we saw increases in % and actual net sales from healthy products across our Retail, Foodservice and Total businesses.

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