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Frikom is the leading producer and distributor of ice cream and frozen food in Serbia. From fruit, vegetables and fish to well-known ice cream brands and pastries, Frikom has built its reputation on delicious, high quality products.


Ledo is the leading brand in Croatia as well as Bosnia, covering ice-cream and frozen food.  A household name across the Adriatic region, its iconic ice creams are firm family favourites

Aunt Bessie’s

Aunt Bessie’s has been feeding the nation since 1974 with quality frozen food. From Yorkshire Puddings to Roast Potatoes; its well-loved family favourites are enjoyed up and down the country.


At Goodfella’s, pizza is their passion. With manic lives, the brand celebrates the importance of sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying a high quality meal.

La Cocinera

La Cocinera is one of the most popular and well-known brands in the Spanish frozen food aisle.


The Belviva brand is down to earth and humorous. It has a strong local Belgian identity and stands for conviviality, fun and authenticity.

Countries we operate in

Facts & figures

Frozen fish and vegetables are our two largest categories and represent approximately 40% and 20% of revenues, respectively. These categories have the greatest breadth across the different European markets which we serve. Other categories, like ready meals, frozen poultry and pizza represent the remaining 40% of our revenues and tend to be more local in nature.

  • 40%
    of revenues from fish
  • 20%
    of revenues from vegetables

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